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“Staying first in the competition” is always a strong empowering factor of business. It is equally implied for the internet market. The Internet is universal and hence attacking. You don't have to fight with only your neighbourhood rivals rather it will be global.

Your company website is the store-front of your business. Hence, your window should be transparent and attractive as the world is sharply looking into it. So improve the look of your website as good as possible; make it accessible to the maximum possible visitors and also user friendly.

It should be compatible with all the available browsers; it can be beneficial in terms of the SEO (search engine optimization).

Where Does the Design to XHTML Conversion Come in?

Before making a decision to have an XHTML website design or to convert Design to XHTML you must know some particular things about Design (i.e. PSD, PNG, AI, JPG)and why there is a need to convert it. PSD stands for the PhotoShop Document and it is an editing program for graphics that is published and developed by Adobe Systems.

The PSD/PNG files are image files. In general, these files are layered files. The vivid affair and benefit of this layer format is that if you do not like any feature of image created by you; you can just edit or alter that particular feature only, without modifying the other part of that image. Hence, the PSD file format has become so famous that various graphic software programmes are developed to be consistent with this format of file. The process is termed as PSD to XHTML conversion. The Design to XHTML conversion is also termed as PNG to XHTML conversion, if dealing with PNG files.

PSD To XHTML Conversion / PSD To HTML Conversion / XHTML Slicing

XHTML DESIGNER is one of the most trusted PSD to HTML service provider company in India had strong footprints on the global market, to convert Design to XHTML, Convert HTML XHTML, PSD to HTML / XHTML / CSS, PSD to Drupal, PSD to Email, PSD to Joomla, PSD to Wordpress, slicing psd to html.

In general, the website designers develop graphics and images in PSD files. The formats of the files can be identified by its ending tags like .psd, .ai, .png, and .jpg. The files are just simple pictures or depiction of the web designer’s imagination. They are neither alive nor they have any movement and are of not that much utility.

At XHTML DESIGNER, we perform XHTML slicing to convert the PSD/PNG/AI/JPG image files with XHTML/CSS mark up codes. The XHTML slicing will make the files W3C valid, search engine optimized and consistent with all the internet browsers. The files will become easy to adapt and change. The XHTML slicing is the most effective process to convert design to XHTML. The web developers will slice the entire web design (file) into the specific divisions and then perform the coding exercise.

The peachy thing about PSD to XHTML/PNG to XHTML/PSD to HTML conversion is that it needs less time and is cost effective. An average time needed (to convert PSD to XHTML/convert PNG to XHTML/convert PSD to HTML page) is somewhere between a few hours to an entire day, relying on the page complexity.

XHTML DESIGNER provides hand-coded conversion of your designs into W3C valid, high quality XHTML/CSS web design within 8-16 hours. XHTML DESIGNER guarantee you that the provided code will match your design perfectly. XHTML DESIGNER concentrate on Accessibility, SEO Semantics and Load Speed Optimization. We assure you that the code generated by us will correspond to all the standards of XHTML/CSS web design. XHTML DESIGNER accept design files in different formats like PSD, PNG, AI etc. and existing markup also.

How it is done...
  • Prepare your graphic files with any common format
  • Fill out our order form
  • We check your order
  • You quickly and easily send payment through PayPal
  • Begin Slicing
  • We test it
  • Deliver the sources
Client Testimonials

Your SEO experts are brilliant. I will have to recruit more staff to handle my sales volume. Your association with our company has a great impact on our business. The sales are up. What more can we ask for? Please carry on.........

- Ankur Patel

I think I still need to learn much more about this SEO thing from you. It’s all because of your efforts; compared to last year during the same month, the hits have increased many folds this month. Cheers

- Kash Ijaz
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